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By Gavin | November 26, 2018

I am here with a storytime review about my experience working at Target. I'll give you the layout here, basically, I'm just going to be telling you about my experience, kind of like the timeframe, and the time span of how long I worked there, and also just kind of the good in the bed, and kind of what made me quit without further ado. I think that's going to be my thing like the without further ado, and then into the detail, because I like that, so here we go without further ado, let's get into the details.

Let's start off, I had just turned 16, I really needed a job because I needed to start saving my money for college, and also just got a car for my birthday, and it was my responsibility to pay for maintenance on this car gasps. I bet I applied at a Froyo place, I applied at a couple other department stores that applied at Target, and how Target does their hiring process? At least at my target is that first they call and they say we're interested in having you on our team, please let us know if we can set up a phone interview and so you have a phone interview, which they ask you a series of like scenario type questions, such as like there was a customer who was swearing, how would you deal with that? It was fine, I actually ended up doing it in my car, it was kind of awkward, because I felt like I needed to be like professional, dressed, and stuff even though I could have been in pajamas, and it could have been fun but it was super weird.

Anyway, after the phone interview I waited another week, and I got another call saying we'd like to do an in the personal interview, and so I was interviewed and it was basically the same thing, lots of scenario type questions, so my availability kind of like how much can you actually work, and just kind of those stereotypical interview questions. After that I did get hired, I got trained, my training process I felt like I wasn't ready to be on my own when I was, but I feel like that's every new job who is the very first job I'd ever had. I mean who does what it is, what it is stopped it there, love the people that I worked with, all of the managers were super duper nice. I guess I should explain this to a Target, they have different levels, so it's like you are team members, like store team members are, like just the basic person who's out in the floor, which is what I was title was not the cashier. I was a sales floor team member, and then above that, it is LOD which is a leader on duty. And so then they are kind of like the managers, and then on top of that, there's store team lead, which is the person who actually runs and owns the store and all that in mind. At the time we had just gotten a new store team lead and I will not use names, but she was nice enough, I mean her job was to really keep the store in line, so I wasn't expecting her to be my best friend. I was very young for working there, there wasn't a lot of people like in high school that worked there, so that made it a little bit uncomfortable. There's a lot of collagen, so I do live in a college town, so that was a little bit more expected, but also I liked most of those leaders on duty, the yellow DS, they were all really nice. My favorite by far was my HR, my Human Resource woman, she pretty much held that store together, which is what I found out the hard way, but anyway let's get into about where I decided things were getting rocky.

I have been working probably about almost a year at this point, and I was planning on going on a 15 day Europe trip, and it was super fun, and I was really excited and of course, you have to take off to do that kind of thing. With our taking off the system if it was more than ten days you needed off, you had to take a leave of absence, and so I applied to take my leave of absence. I did these months before I even left, and she's saying, this is perfect, your spot will be here ready for you when you come back, we'll have everything set up, it'll be great. At the time my Human Resource woman was pregnant and she did not of having a baby before I left, so she was on maternity leave, and so I go to Europe at the time of my life, I come back and the people who have taken over her job don't have me in the system. I'm not on the schedule for the day, I said I would be able to work, and the woman says it's fine, you can just pick up shifts like we had a Facebook group, you could pick up shifts and she's just picking some up. It'll be fine until we get you in the system, which she said could take two weeks.

I waited two weeks, that's fine, no rush, but I still need to make money, because I don't have any, because I just spent it all on my vacation, end up picking up a shift, and finding out that since I'm not in the system, my identification number doesn't let me log into any of the registers or the Y devices, which are iPods that they use to find locations of different items and things like that. I really couldn't do anything at work besides great people or organize things, but if someone were to come up to me and asked me where something was, I was basically going off what I had remembered in my head, which made it really difficult. I ended up telling her I don't know what you expect me to do, if I'm not in the system, I can't really do anything and, she said you don't have to wait two weeks.

Two weeks go by and I'm still in the schedule, I'm a right on schedule, so I have my own separate sheet in the back of the schedule book, and I'm working fitting room, shift switch, fitting room shifts aren't that bad, and they're not eight hours every day. They have split up the fitting room shifts between a morning eight-hour shift in an afternoon eight out shift, and that morning 8-hour shift was not usually me. I usually had the afternoon one, evening one, and those people would call in all the time. I don't know who else did that, there's only about five of us, I think that was actually even trained to work in the fitting room, but I do remember a couple people calling in all the time, and what that means is that the fitting room was a disaster. By the time I get in there for the evening shift and it was very irritating, and being back in the fitting room by yourself can get really old really fast, especially when you're working eight hours by yourself, hanging, folding, hanging folding, picking up the fitting rooms reporting, tags missing.

I had gone to the person who was doing the scheduling and said I just I can't work all these fitting room shifts. I need something else, I need a hard line, which hard lines were the floor, that wasn't clothing or baby stuff. And soft lines was the baby stuff, and like children's clothes, men's clothes, other parts of the store, that were considered clothing, but not the fitting room, and she said  I totally understand, I will totally do that for you. I got one hard line stripped, that was four hours, and that second half of my eight-hour shift was working in the fitting room, so I worked the first four hours on hard lines, the second four hours in the fitting room. Keep in mind I said I didn't want to work the fitting room, so it was very irritating and very very difficult to deal with that kind of thing, and it was just very mentally exhausting trying to deal with that. I was working at least over 30 hours a week which I don't even know if that's legal, and I was part-time and under 18, I'm pretty sure I can't work more than 30 hours, but I was. Anyways it's very irritating and hard to handle, and my HR wasn't there, so I couldn't go to her to get help on scheduling or things like that.

What I ended up doing is I was having a breakdown at work, and my boyfriend max the times, tell my boyfriend, but anyway he came, and he brought me dinner because I was working the evening shift in the fitting room like I was all the time. I was just like crying to him about how I just wanted to get up and walk out, I just wanted to leave, I hate it here. I'm going to lose my mind, I can't work this much, I have so many other things to do. Because that was currently in sports at the time as well, and I was just so overwhelmed and he's like Mercedes, this isn't healthy for you, you need to find a balance, and they're not giving you that, so that night after my shift was over. I ended up taking my requests, two weeks notice sheet, and I filled out that, that was the last day I could work and I never stepped into that target for months after that.

Because I figured everyone would hate me, but the saddest part I found was that at the new job that I had gotten after that, my HR came in, actually she was shopping and she goes Mercy's, she asked why are you working here now, and I told her everything, I just said about all the awful experiences I had had, and she said that she had talked to the store team lead at this Target I worked at, and she said that there were just a bunch of people leaving that they were not happy with what was happening. And my HR was coming back to a disaster and she's like I'm so sorry, your job will always be there for you if you want to come back. But I never did, but it just makes it really sad because I really did enjoy working there at the beginning.

It was a great work environment, they treat you awesome. I work Black Friday and they bring in food that entire weekend for people, they bring in toppers pizza and just feed you the whole time, which is super nice, they bring in treats randomly. It's just a very good liquid starter job I think. And I think Target is a great company, I just think that maybe perhaps my store experience wasn't the best as some people have, I'm not saying Targets a bad company or anything like that, I think Target is great, I think they have the best thing in mind for all of their employees. I just think that how some of the things were handled at my store when I work there wasn't the best hope.